The Future

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett has been a leader among an army of people who understand that saving and revitalizing the Astrodome is the smart thing to do. Dozens of ideas have been put forward since the Dome closed, none of them with sufficient funding, but all of them demonstrating that the passion to repurpose our iconic building still burns bright.

The concept that has risen above all others is the idea that the Astrodome belongs to the people and should be available to the people. It is an approach called the world’s largest indoor park, utilizing the world’s biggest room. The elements that make up that park are still under discussion. It will almost certainly be a combination of recreational space and museums, part public and part private enterprise, offering teaching facilities, relaxation and maybe even a little adventure.

The Urban Land Institute, a non-profit, multi-disciplinary real estate study organization, spent time in Houston studying the site and talking to a wide variety of stakeholders, gathering as many well thought out ideas as possible. Their report offers an important framework from which to move forward. You may read it via the link below.

Meanwhile, stay informed, vocal and supportive. Use the OurAstrodome social media as one source for updates. Come back and visit this site often since we hope there will be regular additions of new content, giving a voice to the community of people who love and value the Astrodome’s past and understand that it also has a bright future. And never forget that it is Our Astrodome.

Astrodome Supporters Focus Group



A meeting of Houston citizens in support of sensitive reuse of the Astrodome met Saturday, September 20, 2014. The meeting allowed for focused discussion for the purpose of gathering information which is intended to assist in fine-tuning proposals for use of the Astrodome within the framework of the indoor park concept.

Find the Meeting Summary here.