Our Astrodome Art Contest

Now use it as the inspiration for your own art, and show us your vision of the dome.

Submit your work as detailed prior to Friday, February 26, 2016.

Enter in one of three categories: Elementary School, Middle School, and Open.

Win gift cards from Texas Art Supply and Houston Arts and Media.

Print the PDF Entry Form HERE

Rules and Regulations for Houston Arts and Media’s Our Astrodome Art Contest


Astrodome artwork may be entered in one of three categories: Elementary School Students, Middle School/Junior High/Intermediate School Students and Open.


1. Only one entry per person.

2. All artwork submitted for the Our Astrodome Art Contest must include a completed Our Astrodome Art Contest Official Entry Form that must include the entrant’s name, address, age, grade level (if applicable), school (if applicable), artwork title and art medium. The entry must be signed by an adult parent or legal guardian exactly as directed on the form.

3. All students and teachers should review the rules and guidelines carefully. Questions may be directed to HAM via email only at astrodomeartcontest@gmail.com .

4. Artwork that does not comply with these rules will be disqualified and ruled ineligible for the Our Astrodome Art Contest.


1. All entries must be submitted electronically and in accordance to the rules by emailing as an attachment to astrodomeartcontest@gmail.com

2. Artwork must have been started after January 1, 2016 and completed and submitted as outlined prior to the Friday, February 26, 2016 deadline.


1. Artwork that may detract from the general character and intent of the Our Astrodome Art Contest (i.e., items with profanity or of a lewd or highly controversial nature) will be disqualified. This judgment rests solely with Houston Arts and Media.

2. Photography is a form of artwork that is not eligible for the Our Astrodome Art Contest. Original photographs taken within the contest dates personally by the artist may be incorporated into a mixed media artwork in which said artwork is deemed by Houston Arts and Media to be comprised of less than one-third (33%) of said photograph.

3. Images traced by hand or with the use of a projector or any other electronic or mechanical device are prohibited. Artwork that incorporates traced images will be disqualified.


If an artwork is found to be in violation of the artwork restrictions or any other rules outlined in these Rules and Regulations either before or during the Our Astrodome Art Contest, the artwork Disqualification decisions are made by representatives of Houston Arts and Media and are final.


1. The entrant, teacher and parent/guardians understand that as a condition of participation in the Our Astrodome Art Contest, they are granting Houston Arts and Media (HAM) permission to display the  artwork; to put online, photograph, film, or otherwise record and disseminate the artwork; and, to reproduce the artwork in whole, in part or composite. The entrant and parent/guardian waive and release any and all rights to inspect/approve the final product, and they release, discharge, and hold harmless HAM from any liability by virtue of the use of the  artwork or images.

2. The artist/entrant will retain ownership of the artwork except as specifically outlined in these rules and regulations.

3. Houston Arts and Media will not directly sell images or copies of the artwork for commercial gain at any time unless it is covered by a separate, specific written agreement with the entrant.


An entrant whose artwork was a category winner in a previous year may not enter artwork again in the same category in the event that the Our Astrodome Art Contest is held in subsequent years. The entrant may later submit artwork in another category for which he/she is eligible.


1. Acceptable mediums include: a. Paint: Includes all mediums applied by brush or palette knife, such as oil, watercolor, acrylics, tempera, gouache and dyes; b. Pastels; c. Ink; d. Chalk; e. Crayons; f. Magic markers; g. Charcoal; h. Pen; i. Air brush; j. Pencil; k. Dye; l. Conte; m. Colored pencil; n. Mixed Medium; o. Mosaic; p. 3-D sculpture of clay, stone, metal, wood, plastic, papier mache or a combination of the above

2. Artwork must be clearly photographed or scanned for submission electronically.

3. Electronic submissions must be in one of the following formats: .jpg, .tif or .png ONLY. Other submitted formats will be disqualified.

4. File size must be between 1 megabyte and 3 megabytes. File sizes smaller or larger than those specifications will be disqualified.

4a. File name should match artwork title given on entry form.

5. Though the scan or photograph of the artwork is not a criteria for judging, the scan or photograph submitted must provide a clear, unblurred image of the artwork that is representative of the true colors and any textures included in the artwork. This is the only thing on which the judges have to make their decisions.

6. Artwork scans or photographs may not include framing unless the frame is readily visible to the judges as an integral part of the artwork.

7. Artwork must be titled.

8. Artwork must NOT be signed.

9. All artwork must be the student’s original composition, content and individual expression. Published or copyrighted images MAY NOT be reproduced in whole or part, but they may be used a portion as the student’s inspiration. Published images include, but are not limited to, drawings, sketches, or photographs published electronically or in print. This prohibition includes cases in which releases to use published or copyrighted images are offered.

10. If artwork is an exact copy of a photograph, the photograph(s) must have been taken by the entrant; or taken by an immediate family member, legal guardian or student/entrant’s teacher under the student/ entrant’s direction.

13. Houston Arts and Media retains and may exercise at any time the option to see the original source material if there is reason to suspect that any copyright might have been infringed. Any artwork submissions found by Houston Arts and Media, at their sole and irrevocable discretion, to reasonably infringe on a previously existing copyright claim will be immediately disqualified.


1. The following criteria will be considered when Astrodome artwork is judged: originality, creativity, composition, technical skill and overall artistic excellence.

2. Judging will take place following the submission deadline of Friday, February 26, 2016. Winners will be announced and prizes awarded at the Houston Arts and Media Meetup on the Astrodome. Date, time and location for that event have yet to be determined. If winners cannot be present, the prizes will be mailed to the address provided on the entry form.

3. All decisions of the judges are final. There is no appeal.

4. Winners will be selected by averaging the scores of all judges. In the case of a tie for first place in a given category, judges will determine a winner and runner-up between the tied entries. In the case of a tie between second and/or third place entries in a given category, each winner shall receive a certificate.


First place winners in each category will receive a gift card valued at $100.00 (one hundred USD) good at Texas Art Supply, Houston, TX . Second and third place winners in each category will receive a certificate from Houston Arts and Media.


Artists are urged to find their inspiration by reading, talking about and driving by the Astrodome. The Our Astrodome website includes a gallery of images which artists are encouraged to browse. There are numerous other online resources available including the Astrodome memories website which is a project of the Houston Public Library.

The artwork may be architectural in nature, representing either the inside or outside of the Astrodome. Artwork may be historical in nature representing a specific event, real or imagined, that took place at the Astrodome. Artwork may be representative of the past, present or future. We encourage entrants to use their imaginations.